Friday, October 28, 2016

Sheng Yuan SH678 Hero Tower (aka Super Sized Avengers Towers ) Building Set

Today, I am going to stray off the path of looking for the cheapest sets on Aliexpress.  Instead I want to direct your attention to this extra large Avengers Tower that I found.  The logo of the set suggests that it is from the brand Sheng Yuan, but the set number deviates from it's past numbering method with SH678 (instead of SY678).

It is not clearly evident just how many pieces are in this set, nor how many Super Hero minifigures it comes with.  I wonder if this is a real set or just an artist rendition of a pre-order.  Anyways it's listed at a not so special price of $83.80 USD.

Here is the lone listing I found for this Giant sized Avengers Tower.

At that price, I wonder if it is better to get 3 or 4 of the existing of the existing Lego bootleg Avengers Tower set and build it yourself.

Funny that while I was searching for the regular bootleg Avengers Tower, I discovered it's being knocked off by not one, not two but three different bootleg brands.  Here's one by Decool.

The Decool Avengers Tower is set number 7114, and has 511 pieces.  The price of the regular sized Lego bootleg Tower is about $27 USD.

The Decool listing can be found here.

Pictured above is the Avengers Tower, that first bootlegged Lego Attack on Avengers Tower 76038.   It's the Sheng Yuan set SY370.  It too is priced just under $27 USD, but for some reason this set has 563 pieces, I don't know why.

Here's the link to the Sheng Yuan set.

Not to be outdone, Lepin has also come out with it's own Avengers Tower, what?!  The Lepin Avengers Tower set 07016 has 544 pieces (different again!) and the lowest priced one I could find is approx $28 USD.   Crazy!

The link to the Lepin Avengers Tower:

Anyways, if you want to load up on your Avengers Towers, you've got a lot of choice.

Please remember that I cannot verify whether the seller or the item featured is good or not. Use your own judgement and research before making any purchases.  I have no affiliation to Aliexpress or the sellers found there.

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