Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cogo 4143 City Tram and Waz 6853 Tanker Truck Building Sets

Hi and welcome back to  Today, I want to show you not one but two latest building set finds on Aliexpress.  The first is this cool city tram set by the Cogo brand.  The set number is 4143 and it has 545 pieces.   The price is $24.22 USD.  It looks like a knockoff of Lego set 8404.

The Details

Based on the illustration, there looks to be 4 minifigures that come with the set.  Two of them are sitting at the tram station, another one is crossing the street and the final one is riding on a white scooter.   Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any tracks as far as I can tell.   I've never seen this set before and it only seems to be sold by one Aliexpress store at the moment.

I've never bought any sets by Cogo before so I can't vouch for the brick and clutch quality.  At this point I'm going to hold of buying this set until I see more people selling it.  If you want to get this cool tram set, here's where you can find it.

Our second find today is from the same Aliexpress store called iToys World 2.  This tanker truck is from an unknown building block brand called Waz.  The set number is 6853 and it has 250 pieces.
It looks like a knockoff of Lego's 60016 Tanker truck set.  The price is just under $12 USD.   It looks to have one minifigure and a filling station.

This tanker truck would certainly look great in my Its Not Lego town, however being that this set is the one and only on Aliexpress, it makes me wary of buying it just yet.

Where to Get It

If you do decide to buy either of these sets, please make a review and let us know about the quality of the sets.  I'm particularly interested to know about the tram set.

Please remember that I cannot verify whether the seller or the item featured is good or not. Use your own judgement and research before making any purchases.  I have no affiliation to Aliexpress or the sellers found there.

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