Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lowest Price I've Seen for this Not Lego Bus Station set 60154

This week's cheap deal is the Lepin 02078 City Bus.  The 377 piece set comes with a mobility accessible bus, a newstand and several minifigures.  Sale price is $13.93 USD for this knockoff of Lego set 60154.  The retail price of the Lego set is around $60.  As always these prices don't last long. Product - CITY Town school Bus Station Building Blocks Sets Kits Bricks Kids Classic Model Toys Gift Kids Marvel Compatible 02078

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Impossible Price for this Not Lego Detective's Office!

Welcome back to where we share the best bootlego deals we find on Aliexpress.  A reminder that not all bootlego is Lepin branded.  There are other fake Lego brands such as Sembo, Bela, Enlighten, and most recently King.

The Lego version of the Detective's Office is now long retired.  A search for the Detective's Office  10246 on eBay shows that new sets will cost you upwards of $300 USD.   But on Aliexpress, I found the Lego compatible set for only $53.13 USD.  The set I found is made by Lele and the set number is 30008 and has 2262 pieces.  Not sure how long this deal will last, so get it while they still have stock.

Here's the link:

Happy Shopping! Product - 10246 Creator Detective Office 15011 2262Pcs Street View Model Building Kits Blocks Bricks Education Toys

Looking for the 2478 piece Lepin 15012 Ferris Wheel?

Welcome back to where we share the best bootlego deals we find on Aliexpress.  A reminder that not all bootlego is Lepin branded.  There are other fake Lego brands such as Sembo, Bela, Enlighten, and most recently King.

Today's deal is the 2478 piece Ferris Wheel.  You can search for it on Aliexpress by the set number 15012.  This set is a clone of Lego set 10247.

I found it on sale for only $58 (prices in USD) which includes free shipping.
Here's the link:

These sales are usually limited to only a few days, so let me know if you were able to get it at this amazing price.

Bye! Product - 15012 2478Pcs City Expert Ferris Wheel Model Building Kits Blocks DIY Bricks Toys for children Compatible 10247

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lepin Building Instructions Available Online

As I was scouring the Internet for the latest Lepin news this morning, I came across this website called  It looks to be an e-commerce website that originates in Vietnam.  One of the cool things about this site is that they have a lot of the Lepin sets building instructions available for download completely free.  

From what I've seen they have quite a few Star Wars, Modulars and Technic set instructions.  

If you are looking for instructions for your Lepin set, you can find it here.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Wish List of Fake Lego/Alternate Brick Sets - September 2017 Edition

Hello, today I was scouring Aliexpress and checking to see if there are any new brick sets available. Sometimes I will make a list of the sets that I'd like to buy so this month I thought I would publish my list on the blog.   Whether I get them or not is another story, I guess that would depend on the set price and my budget for the upcoming months. Here are the sets on my wishlist in no particular order.

Modular Buildings Theme

Lepin 15019 Assembly Square

I actually went looking for this set in Hong Kong last month however all the vendors were only selling 15019B set, which comes with the USB hub and LED lights, and not the 15019 set.  Also my shopping time was limited due to the two tropical cyclones Hato (level 10) and Pakhar (level 8) that hit while I was there.

Lepin 15017 Barnes and Noble Bookstore

I've had my eye on this non Lego Custom designed set for quite awhile, but I know that the price and duties cost would kill me due to the size of this set at 4616 pieces.  For now, I'll continue to drool over this set from afar.

Lepin 15034 MOC City Building

They don't really give this Custom building an official name on Aliexpress, so I just used the generic title that they have provided.  This new set still shows as a Presell on Aliexpress, which means it will be awhile before it gets shipped.  This is another non Lego set, and I think it looks pretty awesome.  Again it's a set that's over 4000 pieces, so I think the reality of me owning this building is pretty slim.

City Theme

Lepin 02034 Cargo Port

I just spotted this latest Lepin copy of Lego's Port set 7994 that was issued in 2007 I think.  This set has one of the largest ship hulls, I think it's nearly 23 inches long.  Not sure if this is still a Presell, so I will wait for a bit, but this one I really want.

Lepin 02038 Town Square

I saw this set when I was in Hong Kong, and now I'm regretting not buying it then. I think it was like only $25 USD!  I was so focused on looking for the Assembly Square set, that I overlooked the awesome deal I could have had on this one.  Sigh.  I guess I will have to wait and see if this one comes down in price again.  I really want the tram.

Star Wars Theme

Lepin 05054 U-Wing Fighter

I really want this set but I'm still sitting on my hands on this one.  I've seen the Lepin Poe and Resistance X-wing Fighter sets really come down in price recently, so I'm hoping this one will come down soon too.

Well, that's a few of the sets I would love to get if money was no issue.  How about you? What's on your wishlist?

Bye for now!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

LOJO AX1001 Creative Brick Baseplates

A few months ago I saw an Aliexpress seller that had lots of different colour baseplates, which are the lego pieces typically used for modular building.  Anyways, they had quite an assortment and the price was reasonable, so I placed an order for a couple just to see if they were any good or not.

The Details

In the past, baseplates that I have ordered were flimsy and came without any packaging.  These new ones were different.  Each baseplate comes in it's own packaging and the quality is excellent, exact Lego quality.   The brand is called LOJO and the item number is AX1001.  Anyways, I swapped out the crappy baseplate that came with my Lepin Cafe Corner and used the LOJO one.  Wow, what a difference.  They are very sturdy and don't bend much despite not being that thick.   Here's my latest order.

The size is 32 studs by 32 studs and will support your fullsize modulars.
As you can see, the baseplates are on sale for only $3.39 USD and come with free shipping.

Where to Get it

If you are interested in getting some decent and cheap baseplates for your modular town,  get these LOJO brand ones from here.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lepin Bricks Are Dangerous

The website has nailed it.   Lepin Bricks are dangerous!  They are dangerous to Lego's entry into the Chinese marketplace.   If I were Lego, I'd be worried too.

Lepin bricks are also dangerous,  because they must have baked in some addiction chemical into the bricks.  After I buy one cheap set, I can't stop, and then I buy another, and another.

It's not just Lepin bricks that are dangerous, there are other bootleg brick brands you need to stay away from:

Sheng Yuan

So remember, don't be an idiot, pay a lot more for Lego bricks, because the Ole Kirk Kristiansen family that owns Lego aren't rich enough.  They only have a few billion dollars of net worth.